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English As A Second Language (ESL)

Northbrook College of Health Care now offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to all individuals who wish to improve their Reading, Writing or Speaking skills in English Language. We have a unique advantage of being a Private Vocation College with an outstanding track record of success in Nursing Education. The ESL program shall allow students to gain proficiency in the English Language and pursue their dream of becoming a Nurse.

The ESL Program at NCOHC is a one year experience (450 Contact Hours /11 months), designed to improve the student’s ability to understand and appreciate the American Culture. The student shall improve upon the ability to understand and express both written and spoken American English thus empowering the learner to gain success in their personal and professional life.

Our approach to teaching is simple. Engage the student in a step wise, progressive and relevant learning practice. Our small class size (8 or less) promotes individualized attention, where a student quickly finds him/herself to be among friends who are eager to help each other and improve together. Cultural diversity, mutual respect, positive reinforcement and a friendly atmosphere remain our key areas of strength. Our faculty is competent, friendly and demonstrates a keen sense of responsibility towards the success of our students.

The entire ESL learning process can be viewed as the first step in an ongoing commitment to self improvement. Perhaps the most memorable part of the program remains the field trips where the student enjoys their new found command of the language and the confidence it instills. Students are issued transcripts after each course and an ESL Completion Certificate if the entire program is completed.


ESL 1: Beginner Conversation I*

(100 Contact Hours)

A foundational course in conversational methods, students will utilize basic vocabulary rules, spelling, nouns, verbs, adjectives, everyday English expressions.

ESL 2: Beginner Grammar I*

(100 Contact Hours)

A beginner course designed to develop non-native speakers’ overview of the essential elements of American English grammar.

ESL 3: Academic Reading*

(100 Contact Hours)

This course provides practice in basic vocabulary and reading skills as a way of developing unfamiliar terms and improving fluency. Through gradual and sequential practice, students will discuss a wide array of articles, texts, visual media clips, and current events.

ESL 4: Intermediate Conversation II*+

(50 Contact Hours)

This course provides an in-depth approach to everyday American expressions, conversations, and scenarios

ESL 5: Intermediate Grammar II*

(50 Contact Hours)

A high-intermediate course designed to develop non-native speakers’ overview of the essential elements of American English grammar already in process. Skills will be reinforced and expanded on through an emphasis on verb forms, sentence structures, and punctuation.

ESL 6: Public Speaking *+

(100 Contact Hours)

A course in oral communication designed to give English Language Learners poise, speaking confidence, and the ability to develop and produce a focused, well-organized speech which holds the audience’s attention through effective delivery methods.

*Refer to the College Catalog for a complete Course Descriptions and Prices.

+Includes Field Trip

Admission Requirement for ESL Program


1. A completed copy of the admissions application. ($25, non refundable fee)

2. At least 18 years of age; 16 years with the consent of a Legal Guardian

3. Be a legal resident of US or holder of a valid visa

4. Proof of identity: (NCOHC will return the original documents back to the students after making a copy).

a. Original Social Security Card /unless granted a waiver by immigration

b. One (1) item from the following:

i. A Valid State Issued Driver’s License

ii. A Valid State Identification Card

iii. A Valid Passport

5. Take the NCOHC ESL Placement Exam ($50, non refundable charge)

6. Pass an interview (discretion of the Program Director).

7. Sign an enrollment agreement for the course/program.

Call Our Friendly Admissions Team at (847) 850 5700 to assist you.